Educative business simulations for smart people

Business Games Club – is a platform for those, who works in business, who have to make difficult decisions and to face with complicated situations. You can be a marketing or a risk manager, looking for investments or build the communication process. You could hold office in a huge corporation or be a part of a small team. It doesn't matters. The point is that you are seeking for new knowledge without damaging your business. And the most suitable tool for this purpose are business cases. It is much better to make a mistake many times during the game than once in a real life.

What is the Business Games Club?
Modern business tasks in a games format

We create the interactive business cases. It’s not only entertainment, but also a much effective and less detrimental way to receive a real life experience.

Analytical skills training

You will have to take into account a lot of variables and work with data files. It’s difficult, but only at the first stage. Quantity turns into quality sooner or later. Believe us!

Stories, based on real issues

We do not deal with the theory.  Every case is based on real situation, which business managers faced with. So that background information, that you receive, corresponds with real data.

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Users about "Business Games Club"
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Release of new web-version of Business Games Club application for wide access
The new web-version of Business Games Club application is now open for public access. Now you can enjoy BGC "smart games" not only on mobile devices or after installing the program on your Windows computer, but also through most Internet browsers.
Business Games Club team created game simulation «Space Junk Business»
Business Games Club team created game simulation «Space Junk Business»
Business Solutions from CTIG – online and wholesale
CTIG has implemented a functionality for the wholesale purchase of simulations for corporate training.We want to get away from complicated plans and make a wholesale purchase as simple and convenient as possible for business clients
Business Games Club has completed a comprehensive platform UX/UI redesign
Exterior of games became modern, minimalistic but enriched functionally: multiple choice of reactions is available now. As well as more elegant mechanics of plot branches and feedback window on what is happening in the world. Option "notepad" is introduced in within gameplay now, allowing to note important pieces of information and go back to them if necessary. Dialogs have more traditional design now in the style of modern messengers, allowing faster understanding of conversations.
Business Games Club Simulations are in the top three training tools as rated by DTEK Academy
Business Games Club Simulations are in the top three estimated DTEK Academy training tools. In the third season of training companies accreditation, Alexander presented Business Games Club project of CT Influence Games company, describing the advantages and possibilities of this interactive digital tool of staff training. Ukrainian HR-gurus liked presented behavioral simulations a lot and especially a new approach to industrial safety training based on accident simulation-investigation.
CTIG presented instruments of employees’ training and behavioral patterns change in Almaty, Minsk and Odessa
Developer and operator of simulations for corporate sector CT Influence Games (CTIG) actively started business season. In early October, the company's CEO Alexander Tolkach presented usage cases of corporate digital simulations.
For those who eager to power, the time is now: VirCities
What Makes a Good Mobile App? It allows you to relax, even if you are in a traffic jam to your work or study. But an app game better has a potential to the multi-hour marathon and something very specific... Business Games Club platform now partners in cross-promotion with VirCities project, since we both do same thing - virtualize experience in politics and management. But from different angles.
Create own IT Startup!
Learn how to start first business successfully, plan budget wisely and manage money prudently. Engage to create a team of professionals and to build relations with customers. And the best thing - to fulfill the first contract successfully, because it is a business card of the newborn Co.
Welcome to the corporation! Simulation of a job interview preparation by BGC
Business Games Club Platform announces employment simulation release. "Job interview: be successful" is learning case for applicants. This is a training platform for graduates and young professionals who do not have wide experience of negotiations and contacts with employers. The scenario was prepared with strong HR-professionals and experts engagement. That’s why simulation provides general tools for correct behavior of competitors, showing the most common mistakes.
"Open your cafe-bar" with the Business Game Club or how not to fail for the Bacchus’ sake
Business Games Club Platform officially announces the launch of "Startup Story" line. The first simulation, "Open own cafe-bar" is based on the true story of the formation of cafe-bar "I will be later" (Kiev, Krutoy Spusk 6/2). Simulations starts with an idea of own business and is completed is a year of the project life and first business results.
Business Games Club catalogue for iOS/Android is officially launched
Training simulations for smart people are now comfortably available for iPhone/IPad (earlier released for Android) owners too - the list of all simulation games can be seen directly in the BGC application, where you can choose and launch interesting game to start learning. It is possible to purchase paid license or activate AdWare on your favorite simulation if desired.
Meet the President - may be we have first video-game in the world by the order of MFA
We officially announce launch of new simulation game "Stir in the Embassy". The case was prepared by Business Games Club team by the request and in cooperation with Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. As per game scenario - you are the Ambassador and you have a normal working day ahead... Including preparing the President visit, business forum, deal with crushed tourist bus crisis and even Femen action...
New approach for sales managers education/control
New B2B offer from Business Games Club: we have recently finished developing new complex approach for sales managers education in retail/FMCG companies. We create one or more complex BGC scenarios, framing real life like talks with potential customers, where sales manager gets options to present different features of a product he is selling. Scenario can have necessary information included, or not (depending on education or control oriented usage). Naturally, as with all BGC products - each decision and action has multiple branches, most of them somewhat or utterly wrong. So, only after understanding the real essence and benefits of a product - he can actually win the game.
Business-quest is ready for mobile devices
Soon, you will be able to clinch the matter on the mine right from your phone or tablet.